Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision forms an essential part of ongoing professional & personal development. It is a formal arrangement and requirement for therapists to discuss their work regularly with someone who is experienced in both therapy and supervision.

Supervision should be formative as it allows development of knowledge, restorative as it allows us to process & offload what’s happening, and normative as it helps to ensure best practice and quality.

There may be differing requirements in terms of the number of supervision hours required, depending on your regulatory body. We can discuss and agree on these initially, before we contract into a professional arrangement. The contract will set out expectations regarding tasks, roles and responsibilities and the boundaries of confidentiality.

Dr Keithley offers Clinical Supervision at times which are convenient to you.

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Our Model of Supervision

Dr Keithley is accredited with the Register of Applied Psychology Practice Supervisors. This means that we have received specific training in supervisory practice and have an awareness of a variety of supervision models including CBT, Psychodynamic and the Process Model of supervision. During the contracting phase, we can discuss these models to best align them to your practice, therapeutic modality and developmental stage.

Similar to therapy, a good supervisory relationship is central to the success of the work, and we will work collaboratively to support, guide and challenge as appropriate. With all new supervisees, the contracting phase will ascertain your qualifications and training, along with your professional membership and insurance, and we will discuss your expectations of supervision and clarify any limitations and boundaries.

Dr Keithley offers clinical supervision sessions across two locations in Durham. Please contact us for more information and we will be happy to assist you with any enquiries.